The Steadicam® Segway® is instantly available to create anything from a subtle perspective change to a dramatic traveling shot. The Steadiseg modification replaces the conventional Segway handlebars with a control-stick module between the knees, freeing the rider's arms to operate camera stabilization systems. The addition of the hard-mount assembly eliminates carrying strain, permitting bulky camera setups (IMAX, 3D rigs, etc.), to be flown for extended periods without fatigue. The Steadiseg is intuitive to ride, and entirely fluid in its movement, allowing dynamic and complex moves to be executed with precision. Stability at all speeds is excellent: ramping effortlessly from a slow interior architectural track to a fast outdoor chase scene, it offers rapid set-ups and delivers stunning results.

Ulrich Kahlert, the inventor of the Segway handsfree-steering system, and Steadicam operator and instructor, Chris Fawcett, are pleased to announce this entirely redesigned Steadicam Segway, engineered specifically for improved ergonomics and safety. New features include:

The Control-Stick Module is divided into separate 'accelerator' and 'braking' components, each configured for enhanced interaction with the rider, with full 'set and forget' adjustability in 4 linear and 2 rotational axes. The pads are formed with triple-layer cushioning and finished in a mix of normal and reversed full-grain leathers to facilitate degrees of slide and traction where necessary, making the new Steadiseg nimble and responsive, and exquisitely comfortable. The entire module swivels to aid cornering and balance via a fully-adjustable, self-centering mechanism. When operating soft-mount, you can face into the rig, bringing it closer to your centre of gravity, diminishing load and twisting strain on your back.

The Hard-Mount Assembly is especially versatile in its placement possibilities. A precision-steel articulated arm with 1 translational and 5 rotational degrees of freedom delivers the hard-mount block to any usable position, including extreme high and low- mode possibilities, without obstructing the operator. It's also exceedingly strong, so you can fly heavy camera packages with confidence.

The Fender System works with the narrow i2 wheels in their normal configuration, allowing for a svelte 66 cm (26 in) profile in conjunction with the new hard-mount assembly, while the overall height from the ground is low to maximize stabilizer boom-range. The new system projects no sharp edges, and the outer fender sections wrap around the wheels to safeguard against accidental contact with the surroundings.