In July 2013, we release the first batch of Rickshaw attachments for the Steadiseg. A simple, bolt-on attachment, using existing Steadiseg hardware, transforms the Steadiseg into an agile, powered rickshaw.

When balanced on the Steadiseg Rickshaw, the Steadicam operator can initiate, sustain, and terminate moves by shifting the weight of the Steadicam rig fore and aft. The assistant can feel these moves through the grip handle, and assist or override them, as required. Steering is handled by the assistant, leaving the operator free to concentrate on the shot.

All the assistant needs to do is walk or run, guiding the rickshaw using the grip handle. Power comes from the 4 horsepower Segway motors, which can accelerate the operator extremely rapidly, climb and descend slopes, and stop on a dime.

Positions of the seat, hard mount, and grip stick are all adjustable.

Here are some photos and videos of the prototype:

Garrett Brown testing the prototype at NAB 2013



Testing the stop. Note that the Steadiseg tilts opposite to the pull of the rig, balancing it on starts and stops.


From Film & Digital Times, Cinegear Edition 2013