Larry McConkey on his Steadicam / Steadiseg opening shot from Scorsese's HUGO

When it came time to do a POV of the dog racing through the station, I told Bob (Robert Richardson) I could do it. Could I? This was a big movie, and the rig was very heavy and I was inexperienced with the Segway... should I really be trying this? I took a deep breath and went for it. Marty was at the other end of the stage. After several rehearsals, building up speed with each one, I did the first take, and I immediately heard yelling. "What's that?" I asked Bob, as he met me returning from the run. "I guess it's not working out", he said, "Marty's (Martin Scorsese) not happy". I was crestfallen. Then a moment later: "Just kidding—he loved it!" Marty was excited to shoot so quickly and easily. Up to then camera car shots through crowds with the 3D rigs had been an exercise in extreme patience.

Sports Shooter Mechelle LaVelle

I’ve been the creative director for HoopTee Celebrity Golf Classic and Achievements Unlimited for the past four years. This year was HoopTee’s 10th anniversary so I knew that I wanted to step it up and what better way than to use the Steadiseg. To say that it is an amazing tool is an understatement. Steadisegs increase production value tremendously. Moving the camera through space gives footage a three dimensional feel which allows the viewer to better comprehend who and what they are seeing. To be able to move about freely without the concern of carrying the weight is priceless for me because it allows me to focus on what is most important… the shot.



Kevin Packer from Dreamcore Pictures on Socotra Island, Yemen


James Hia at the Singapore 50 Years Independance Celebrations



Unknown operator and event!


 Opening Ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics (operator unknown)


Helix with Red Dragon, filmed on Steadiseg personal tracking vehicle from BeyondHD



Chase Sequences from: NONO, THE ZIG ZAG KID



Shooting slo-mo on the Steadiseg for: NONO, THE ZIG ZAG KID


Usain Bolt's lap of honour at the 2012 Olympics filmed by Jyrki Kaheinen on the Steadiseg


Olympic Reportage from the New York Times' Lens Blog



Steadiseg Operator Juha Kuhmola shooting the lighting of the 2012 Olympic Caldron


Larry McConkey's Steadicam / Steadiseg opening shot from Scorsese's HUGO


Photos of Mechelle LaVelle's Steadiseg in action



Behind the Scenes at Film 1 Commercial


Exploring the industrIal applications of the Steadiseg with EQUIPOIS INC

Larry McConkey tries out his new Steadiseg


First Test: stability over rough ground


The Craziest thing at NAB this Year from ProVideo Coalition


From Jon Fauer's Film & Digital Times June 2011 Cine Gear Issue