The Steadiseg Conversion Kit costs €10,800, including the Walter Klassen Vehicle Mount. If you already have the mount, it's €10,000. That includes everything required to convert a Segway x2 Turf, or a Segway i2. For general use, we recommend the Segway x2 Turf, but if you intend to use the Steadiseg exclusively indoors—on set or in cramped locations—you should purchase a Segway i2. Most customers get the x2 Turf, and a set of i2 wheels. Wheels and fenders are interchangeable between the 2 models.

The conversion kit comes with control-stick assembly, hard-mount fender, safety fenders for both models, adjustable hard-mount, plus a hard-mount extension, as standard. We no longer support the standard x2 wheels for shooting with Steadicam, as their rugged tread sets up vibrations in the rig. The hard-mount fender comes as right-sided (regular) and left-sided (goofy). Rental houses can configure their Steadiseg with 2 hard-mount fenders, so operating side may be switched quickly, but this is not recommended for owner/operators because it increases weight.

We advise our customers to purchase their Segways locally, and we'll be happy to help you find a dealer. Converting a Segway to a Steadiseg takes between 30-90 minutes, depending on practice. If you prefer to use rental Segways, Steadisegs can be converted back to regular Segways at any time. See the Installation Manual supplied with the conversion kit for details. For Steadicam systems, you should contact Steadicam directly: http://steadicam.com/

For more info, please contact Chris Fawcett: